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MYN Collective works with apparel, edibles and skincare consumer products to help develop a brand's unique personality, one of the most crucial determinants of future success. More often than not, a brand's triumph in its target market is not solely attributed to the product itself, but rather, how the product is marketed and sold. At MYN Collective, the aim is to use innovative brand image, campaign strategies, creative media outreach, and interactive marketing and advertising to construct an eye-catching brand for intended consumers based on client's particular needs.

By doing this, MYN Collective helps generate sales and revenue growth that meet no less than the client's highest expectations. We offer a professional service based on superior industry knowledge to craft a credible, positive relationship between the brand and its potential customers.

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Our exemplary list of lifestyle and luxury clients:

ABS by Allen Schwartz  /  Blue Pearl by Allen Schwartz  
Ainhoa Skin Care Range  /  Barefined  /  Young&ng  / Gene Style
Ready to Fish  /  Zeynep  /  XTN  /  Divka  /  Blake Andrews  
Julia de Ville  /  Beach Life  /  Lounge Life  /  Selahdor
Balls Vodka  /  Lime and Vine  /  Donna Degnan  
Patricia Green  /  Katie Design Jewelry

Kristin Hanson  /  Amorette  /  Purple Ginger  /  Summum Woman
Hipstripes  /  Cocorose London  /  Weston Earth Images
Taiwanese Textile Federation  /  Chia Her Textile  /  Chico Textile
Diamond Efficiency  /  Uni Win Taiwan  /  Everest Textile
PU3  /  Gudrun and Gudrun  /  Cobram Estate
Cindy and Johnny  /  Kameda Crisps

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Philanthropy Work

MYN Group work with following foundations and charities with aim to developing a better world:

MYN Collective works with clients to develop innovative brand campaigns, websites and other brand identifying visuals that capture the consumer's eye and create memorable experiences. We help find what sets our client's brand apart from others, and use that as fuel to identify the right aesthetics, messaging, and selling points to both market and potential customers.

We offer both print and digital advertising services — from original concepts to final execution. We provide a fresh, creative perspective that will inspire consumers to take action.
MYN Collective believes that involving customers and prospects in the brand building process is crucial for long-term success and brand relevance. MYN Collective does this by supplementing social media campaigns with strategic and creative marketing and consumer interaction.

By allowing potential customers to engage in an interactive conversation with the brand and its products, whether physically or virtually, it allows the audience to express their preferences and opinions towards the brand. Thus MYN Collective is able to use this to more accurately generate how the brand is perceived, and cater more effectively to the needs and wants of consumers.
MYN Collective's ultimate goal is to create a long-lasting relationship with clients, the brand itself, and the consumers and publications that are exposed to the brand. Developing a relationship as opposed to just selling the product is crucial for increasing credibility and also for creating a positive image to associate the brand with.

Continuous communication is important to keeping brand awareness high, and MYN Collective expertly manages all information about the brand to generate maximum exposure. We work very closely with the press to help publicize, maintain and uphold the vision our clients.
All of the work we do has one goal in mind: penetrating the market. We do this by serving as liaisons for key buyers in the domestic and international markets, scheduling our own private buying appointment events, and organizing market weeks within the firm.

That includes adjusting campaigns to reach target markets and pitching the right buyers. Producing the desired amount of sales is not just an added benefit – it's part of the overall package.